What are others saying about Adoption Pass Along Cards?

I received my cards today!  Beautiful!  I love the color combination.  Thank you! -Porscha

We received the cards and they are beautiful! -Ann

We ordered the Classic Full and they are fabulous! -Rebecca

They are perfect! -Deanna 

The cards arrived today and look great! Thank you! -Jennie

We got our pass along cards today and they look great! –Sarah

I got the cards in today!  They are great! Thanks sooooooooooo much! —Amy

The cards look awesome!! Thank you.—Marypat

They look amazing, exactly how I pictured them!  Thank you sooo much!—Michelle

Just wanted to let you know that we got our cards and they are beautiful.—Jenny

Thanks so much! They look SO great!—Lizzie

Our cards arrived and we LOVE them! We are THRILLED with the cards!—Patience

LOVE THEM!!!!—Shanell

Just wanted to let you know that we received our pass along cards and we absolutely LOVE them!—Emily

We got our order the other day. They look great--Sean

We were matched with our son's birth mother in 2009 through our pass along cards! Thank you so much for helping us! We are hoping to adopt again, and we give out our new cards to everyone! ~Que and Brittany

We love the cards that we received....the photos are clear and bright, the adjustments that were made were done quickly...now we can get them out and continue working on the Finding stage. Thank you so much for your help! 

Just wanted to let you know the cards look great.  We love how they turned out and have already been passing some of them out.-Amy

 I got them and they are amazing!-Lindsey